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Agrocepia is a leading Chilean company that produces and sells a wide variety of dehydrated products for the international food industry. Agrocepia combines high safety products and service of excellence to meet the needsof the customers.

The industrial plant is located in the Maule Valley, agricultural area wellknown for its climate and soil that provide the ideal conditions for producing high quality fruits primarily oriented towards export markets.

Since its foundation in 1987, the company has committed to working in innovative and customized solutions required by the ever changing food business. Agrocepia has consolidated a position as the most specialized and reliable producer of dehydrated apple, either conventional or organic, being able to offer a wide range of fruit products for specific applications of its customers such as confectionery, cereals and bakery among others.

Focusing on high value ingredients, Agrocepia has achieved a well established reputation and a strong market position throughout the world.

The company operates facilities with HACCP and BRC certifications and it is a proud participant on the GMA SAFE audit program. Additionally, the ingredients manufactured are Kosher certified. The main goal is to meet and exceed the expectations of the customers in relation to food safety.

AGROCEPIA S.A., Longitudinal Sur Nº 90, P.O. Box 457, Talca, Chile. • CEPIA INTERNACIONAL S.A., San Antonio 418 oficina 308, Santiago, Chile.
Tel: (56-71) 2617600 • 2617610 / Fax: (56-71) 2617620 • 2617630